Specializing in structural, agricultural and custom orders, Morskate Manufacturing takes pride in the ability to be adaptable and flexible when designing and building orders to meet the customers exact requirements.

Morskate Manufacturing was founded in 1999 by Paul Morskate. It was a vision to create a family and community orientated business that is able to fulfill customers’ orders to their exact desired results. We originally started out as a small welding business that was based out of a 35-ft by 120-ft shop containing half welding shop and half calving barn. With a workforce of approximately 10 staff, our business was predominantly agricultural and custom orders and the occasional structural request.

As the demand for production increased, more employees were hired, more supplies were required and the demand for space increased as well. In 2012, the construction of Morskate’s new building in the town of Ponoka began. This marked a new milestone in Morskate. The areas of operations that we worked in shifted to encapture more structural projects. This changed ratio of business areas to hold the majority of structural projects, while still holding significant numbers in agricultural or custom jobs that we received.

In 2017 Morskate Manufacturing found its new home of operations, which is located just west of the town of Ponoka in the industrial area. The 5 years that were spent in town allowed us to grow significantly, both within the industry and within the community. Now with a larger shop, a staff of approximately 60 people, an

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ever-growing demand for higher level of production, and a larger amount of inventory on hand, our new building is the perfect home.

In 2019 we added 9,330 sq. ft of production space, including a paint booth and 2 overhead girder cranes. Despite our growth, our main priorities that the company was built on have not changed. With everything we do, we strive to maintain adaptability, efficiency, and creativity to meet our customers’ needs. We are constantly motivated to reach new heights and look forward to what future growth will bring.


By remaining committed to delivering solutions through innovative and reliable manufacturing, we will be recognized as a partner of choice in the steel industry.


We specialize in the fabrication, manufacturing and installation of superior quality steel products. Our scope of work encompasses Structural, Agricultural and Custom steel fabrications.
Our experience, innovation and pride in our work enable us to meet our customer’s expectations for quality, service and creativity. We value all members of our team and are committed to providing opportunities for each employee to reach their full potential in an environment that is safe and respectful.